Maximizing Branded Apps

What Brands Can Learn from Game Developers About App Engagement & Retention

Many of today’s biggest brands are launching mobile apps in an attempt to adjust to the shifting digital media landscape. Brands such as McDonald’s, Chipotle and Walgreens have used apps to help improve the overall customer lifecycle, while others have struggled to discover an effective strategy.  

Fortunately, one group of app developers has been studying, testing and optimizing app usage for years: game developers. This paper outlines the most important lessons that brands can learn from game developers to help optimize the engagement and retention of their mobile app users.

What’s inside?

  • What brands stand to gain from launching their own apps
  • The most popular types of branded apps
  • How game mechanics can apply to a branded app
  • Which Key Performance Indicators branded apps should be tracking
  • How the Games-as-a-Service model can benefit brands
  • Much more!

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